OLSSON-GROUP: Heat exchangers for heating swimming pools

We specialize in heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers in particular. Our team has years of experience in the design and sale of heat exchangers brazed and gasketed. We supply heat exchangers for heating, hot water, cooling, solar systems etc. Over the years, our focus has expanded to the heat exchanger for heating swimming pools, stainless steel tanks and more recently a heat pump. We work with most major manufacturers.

Our products and services are used primarily in the following areas:

  • heating
  • cooling
  • ammonia cooling
  • hot water
  • heat pumps
  • solar systems
  • heating of swimming pools
  • industrial applications
  • steam heating
  • cooling oil
  • evaporators, condensers
Drawing of dismantled heat exchanger

To be able to offer you the proper solution for your need, please, contact us. You can contact us through the online form, by phone or email.

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New office

22th August 2014

We have moved to the new office:
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You can contact us on new telephone number: +420 246 083 255.

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30th September 2013

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new website.