• Heat exchangers for heating swimming pools

Brazed plate heat exchangers

The principle of plate heat exchangers (brazed and gasketed) is the same. It is always a set of plates pressed mostly from stainless steel grade AISI 316L which are ordered in volume.

The plate pack is the soldered copper brazed heat exchangers so that the product is a compact, ready to connect directly to the primary and secondary media.

Plates are repeated in pairs that make up the system flow channels. Schematic flow is shown in the attached figure brine enters example in the upper throat transmit heat and the cooling output from the bottom left neck. The secondary medium enters the lower right branch, warmed and exits from the upper neck.

Brazed heat exchangers can have various designs for a wide range of applications. Heat hot water, heat for water heating double-wall, heat exchangers for heating, is also used to cool the oil as a "cooler".

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